MOSAIX Software announces new AVMAN® Progression Series

PITTSBURGH – June 10, 2019 – MOSAIX Software, Inc. today announced the introduction of the AVMAN Progression Series.  The Progression Series allows FBOs to move to the full power of AVMAN in smaller steps.  FBOs starting with Series One will enjoy the full benefits of AVMAN’s ERP for many of the typical day to day functions in an FBO.  Then as they move through the AVMAN Series, taking advantage of the additional capabilities of AVMAN, they can rest assured that all their data is secure within the AVMAN system.  Historical sales, inventory, customer data, as well as all the other data entered into AVMAN will always be accessible when moving up through the AVMAN series.  In addition, your frontline staff will not have any changes to manage.  No new training is necessary, and your customers will not see any of the changes.  Finally, all AVMAN Series FBOs will have access to AVMAN Central to allow customers to place on-line orders with your FBO.

  • AVMAN Series I.  Series I provides all the power of AVMAN’s POS, CRM, Fuel Management, Hangar Management, and Integrated Credit Card Processing.  Basically, it provides everything AVMAN does without AVMAN’s powerful accounting system.  Series I is designed to work with FBOs currently using QuickBooks™, Microsoft Dynamics, or SAGE Intacct®.  Series I is much more than just another POS system.  Series I allows you to maintain all your detailed customer, credit card, sales data, invoicing, contract fuel, invoicing credits, customer deposit management, and integrated inventory all within AVMAN.  Series I then provides your accounting team with the exact journal entries to update the accounting you currently use.
  • AVMAN Series IISeries II provides everything you will find in Series I plus a basic accounting system.  Series II provides basic income statement and balance sheet features found in most off the shelf accounting systems in use today.  It has been designed for smaller FBOs that do not need the features of the AVMAN’s Series III accounting system.  With Series II, you will have a fully integrated system, allowing you to eliminate the costs and issues of running two systems.
  • AVMAN Series IIISeries III is the full AVMAN ERP implementation.  Here you will enjoy all the features available within AVMAN to help you understand the details of the performance of your FBO.  FBOs that also provide Maintenance or Charter services will most likely use Series IIISeries III FBOs can also take advantage of AVMAN Enterprise; a system and data warehouse specifically designed formulti-company and multi-location FBOs.

About MOSAIX Software, Inc.

MOSAIX Software, Inc., based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides cloud based, data collection and management systems to business and government. MOSAIX has leveraged its long history of providing advanced accounting systems to business and grants management systems to government, in its two primary products AVMAN® and IMPACT™. Released in 2016, AVMAN® for Flight Schools, provides integrated capabilities for scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, credit card processing, pilot and aircraft management, with its accounting system. In 2017, MOSAIX released AVMAN®– FBO Series, to provide FBOs with a fully integrated solution to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service. AVMAN’s automation of business processes in fuel sales, hangar rentals, and other services provided by FBOs helps to reduce errors, improve safety, and lower overhead costs.

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