In addition to the Reservation Calendar, the AVMAN CSR Desk provides all of the tools that a CSR needs to interact and provide the golden standard in customer service.

The AVMAN CSR Desk includes carefully crafted point of sale systems designed to make your FBO maximize its efficiency.  The CSR Fuel Board allows CSRs to create fuel orders, and invoice completed fuel orders.  You can also attach fuel order to a reservation so that a customer will receive a single invoice.

The AVMAN CSR Fuel Board is designed to support one of the most important daily functions of the FBO’s customer service representatives (CSRs); processing fuel orders.  From the CSR Fuel Board, CSRs can view all fuel orders directly.  The CSR Fuel Board is designed to provide a simple, efficient way of adding, accepting, completing, invoicing, and taking payment for fuel orders.  The CSRs can use all acceptable payment types, including contract fuel on the CSR Fuel Board.  Other products or services , such as oil or a LAV service can be added to the fuel order as well.  CSRs have the maximum flexibility to adjust the order, as needed, add discounts, and change the customer that the fuel is billed to.  At a glance, the CSRs can see the status of fuel orders, ensure that all orders are in the process of being handled, and instantly be notified once a fuel order has been completed and is ready for payment.

Counter Sales is a point of sale system that provides a quick order and payment process for those quick transactions in your FBO.  From food and drink concessions to standalone FBO services that are not associated with a reservation or fuel order, this simple two-step process allows CSRs to efficiently serve customers and take payment.  Sales and payments taken thorough the Counter Sales POS automatically sent to the accounts receivable and sales ledgers.

The General Orders point of sale system is utilized for those to record transaction that do not fit into the configuration of one of AVMAN’s FBO point of sale systems.  They can be used for many different types of transactions and support product shipment.  General Orders can be invoiced when completed, through the Invoices option.   After the order is completed (or shipped) it will appear on the “Awaiting Invoice” tab under Order Invoices.  After you complete the invoice it will be automatically sent to accounting for further processing and will move to the “Invoiced” tab.