MOSAIX was created in 2014 as the result of the acquisition and merger of Cherry Lane Software Inc. and KIT Solutions, LLC. Both of these companies have been producing products and services for their customers for over fifteen years.

The result of this effort is a stronger, more competitive and efficient provider of service-based (SaaS) software offerings to our customers. Bringing together KIT’s extensive body of knowledge and experience in the field of grants management and with the broad domain expertise and expert systems approach of Cherry Lane Software, we have created a powerful organization with the ability to deliver systems to both government and commercial customers.

MOSAIX’s management and development teams are committed to a two-fold strategy: (1) enhance the company’s leadership position in SaaS offerings to federal and state agencies, with its 3rd generation intuitive cloud-based solutions for data collection and management, and (2) bring comparable leading-edge solutions to the worlds of business and aviation, capitalizing upon the company’s combined 25 years of experience in creating solutions to customer problems.