AVMAN® is a true cloud-based ERP system designed specifically for FBOs. AVMAN will help your organization maximize profitability, improve efficiency, and focus on the things that matter most to your FBO. AVMAN is built upon MOSAIX’s market leading accounting system, Comptroller™, and automates many tedious tasks that are that critical to your FBO operation.

Comptroller™ is a highly integrated financial and cost accounting system that has been in use for over twenty-five years. It was designed to address the needs of small and medium sized defense contractors, and provides a solid foundation from which you can perform many financial accounting tasks, including, accounts receivable management, accounts payable management, general ledger maintenance, labor management and general financial reporting. In addition, it’s cost accounting components, have been designed to provide the data you need to manage individual jobs, processes (activities), and overhead cost pools. Here you can create activities that represent the various business processes you want to measure. For example, you may want to measure the profitability of your Jet A sales and your Avgas sales separately.

Over the years, ERP systems have evolved. These systems originally were focused on the six areas of manufacturing, distribution, project management, labor management, payroll, and financial reporting. Although they are still accounting-centric information systems, they have expanded to encompass the entire business cycle. A well-designed ERP system, begins with the business development functions of customer management, lead generation, and quote management (Customer Relationship Management or CRM). It then moves to the order taking and management processes. Here an ERP system must become specific to the type of business. This specificity is usually called a “vertical”, borrowing from the old marketing term. AVMAN is a vertical for our ERP system.

Among its many aviation features, AVMAN brings specificity to our ERP with its aviation “point of sale” systems which include fuel sales, FBO services, reservation scheduling, and hangar rental. These systems link the actual taking of orders to the operational tasks of ramp services, fuel management, and the provision of aircraft services. The next step in the process – invoicing and payment, must be linked to a product management system within your ERP. This product management system provides the tools to automate and control pricing, and must interface to customer discounts and special pricing arrangements such as “contract fuel”. A product management system must also bridge customer invoices, material purchasing, inventory additions, withdrawals, and adjustments to the accounting components of the system. Finally, the accounting system must collect data from all the aspects of your FBO, and organize, report, and act upon the data where required.

ERP systems are by definition, highly integrated. The business cycle is real-time and data must move between the various parts of the system in a fluid and rapid manner. There are literally dozens of “discussions” going on between the integrated components of AVMAN at any given moment. Removing any one of these components from the conversation will cause errors, delays, and failures in management information dissemination.

AVMAN ERP Brochure