MOSAIX Software has brought together its extensive experience and success in delivering cloud based data collection and management systems with the aviation expertise of its management team. As an owner of a successful flight school, MOSAIX’s CEO recognized the need for a cloud-based system to manage the complexities of running a general aviation business.

MOSAIX has leveraged the technology embodied in its Sapphire System Management Framework to create a totally integrated solution for managing the day-to-day tasks of operating flight schools, fixed based operators, and flying clubs. As the platform for all of MOSAIX’s products, Sapphire allows MOSAIX to overcome the problem of providing state-of-the-art systems in small markets.

To be truly efficient and cost effective a properly designed system must be completely integrated. To provide the highest level of integration, AVMAN was built around our VIRTUOSO Accounting System and includes VIRTUOSO’s Expert Assistant. This ensures that all transactions are seamlessly recorded throughout the system with minimal input from users. VIRTUOSO utilizes our intuitive design approach to allow users to become quickly proficient with little to no training.

MOSAIX has developed AVMAN as a fully integrated solution designed to serve the specific requirements of an aviation business. AVMAN has been designed to assist the business manager by providing the information and tools they need to ensure a high level of customer service, maximize sales, and optimize business profitability.

It’s in the cloud. Of course it is. Software running on PCs or servers alone just cannot keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology environment. Is your current system capable of handling mobile devices? If you’re system is not in the cloud, then your clients simply will not be able to connect with you from their mobile devices. Modern software systems are no longer designed to run on old platforms. We recognized ten years ago that all types of data collection and management systems would eventually move to the cloud. Therefore, we bring the benefit of a decade of experience moving systems to the cloud and managing data collection systems in the cloud.

If your data is important, you need the MOSAIX experience factor.

Your data is safe with MOSAIX. All AVMAN data is protected under the MOSAIX Security Program. This is the same security program that is used to protect our IMPACT system data under the Federal Information Management Security Act. In addition, all of your data is protected at a backup site in the event of a catastrophic event at our primary data site. This means that your system will always be available to you no matter what. We know your business needs to keep running any time, all the time.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; plan your move to the cloud today. AVMAN is the only total cloud-based solution for managing all aspects of your FBO, flight school, or flight club.