AVMAN’s integrated solution is the only product on the market that will provide the Business Intelligence that you need to run your FBO Operation.  The interaction between the accounting system and the Counter Sales, Fuel Sales, Hangar Rentals, Reservations, and all inventory features provides AVMAN with the information needed to understand customer trends, measure the profitability of individual business activities, and make important decisions.

How can AVMAN help to improve your Business Intelligence (BI) efforts?  Today many discussions around BI involve how software can be used to visualize your data.  Although this can be an effective tool to display data related to your business, it assumes you have the data in a form that can be used by the various software programs that produce these visualizations.

However, most companies simply don’t have good data to feed into these software packages.  BI begins with designing how you will collect data.  This involves both a good understanding of how your business operates and using a system that permits you to collect detailed data that represents your operations. AVMAN provides the framework for this type of data collection.

AVMAN is designed to be able to tell executives of FBOs exactly what is going on their business.  It will provide answers to questions that are paramount to the tough decisions that FBO owners face in the ever-changing landscape of the FBO business.

In the days of Henry Ford, the importance of understanding the cost of providing your products and services was recognized.  Many things have changed since then but the need to understand and have accurate cost data has not.  AVMAN’s highly integrated solution makes the availability of this critical information a reality.

AVMAN – Finally a system that will guide your management decisions

You can’t run your FBO without AVMAN BI.