For FBOs that aren’t in need of our completely integrated solution, MOSAIX offers its AVMAN POS and Fuel Management System.

The AVMAN Point of Sale and Fuel Management System provides the tools smaller FBOs need to manage their day to day activities and includes a complete reservation management system, a fully integrated point of sale system, and a complete fuel management system.  AVMAN POS includes publication in AVMAN Central™ and a live interface to the AVMAN Central Communication Portal.  The AVMAN POS system includes access for up to 4 concurrent users.   Additional users can be purchased.


Looking for a little bit more than a POS system? AVMAN POS+ might just be the product for you. AVMAN POS+ builds upon the AVMAN POS in adding Hangar Management and the Ramp Fuel Board.

Still not enough?  Why not add AVMAN CRM?


The AVMAN Customer Relationship Management System is available as an add-on to the monthly subscription for either the AVMAN POS or the AVMAN POS+.  AVMAN provides the tools necessary to manage customer conversations (leads) generated by the sales and marketing activities of the business.  AVMAN’s CRM can track Lead Type (fuel sales, aircraft repair services, charter services, etc.), the Lead Source to specify the origin of the lead (tradeshow, web-site, etc.), and even the Lead Status to specify where the lead stands in the sales process.  Each CRM user will receive access to the entire CRM system in AVMAN including the Leads and Quote Management System.