Customer Relationship Management

AVMAN provides the tools necessary to manage the leads generated by the sales and marketing activities of your FBO.  Here you can record new leads, assign the lead and specify the date for follow-up to other users, and even specify the type of lead and the source.   AVMAN will track the “conversation” of your lead.  Each communication will be recorded as a lead event which you can review at any time.  An automated email message is sent every time a lead is assigned.  In addition to the email reminders,  the AVMAN Dashboard includes a widget that connects to the lead system and pulls the leads assigned to the logged in user.  There are many reports available to track that status of your leads.  These include Lead Activity, Quoted Leads, Leads with Orders each of which can be prepared for activity in any specified period. You can also prepare reports for lead follow-up required or Dead Leads in a specified period.

Once a lead has been “qualified”, AVMAN provides the ability to create a price quote to customers for products or services.  Quotes can be assigned follow-up dates, projected order dates, probability of success, and the sales person responsible for the quote.  Quotes can include the regular products and services offered by your FBO or can include special offerings for a customer.  You can also include items that are marked as options on your quote.  Options are displayed on the quote but not include in the total quoted price.  There are many reports available to track your quotes.  These include Outstanding Quotes, Quotes Issued in Period, Quote Aging, and Rejected Quote report.

AVMAN takes it one step further in its ability to assign quotes to orders.  Allowing your FBO to actually link fuel orders to your sales efforts.  AVMAN seamlessly guides your the customer process from first contact through invoicing and payment.  AVMAN’s CRM will help your FBO increase your fuel sales and new business opportunities.