The Ramp Fuel Board is where your line service technicians (line techs) will spend most of their time in AVMAN.  Line techs are able to “sign into” the truck that they are in.  While “signed in” each line tech will only see the fuel orders for the type of fuel truck that they are in.  They are also only permitted to top off trucks that they are in.  Adding a layer of safety unique to AVMAN.

Another unique feature to AVMAN is the line techs ability to add fuel orders right on the field from a mobile device.  Just like the rest of the Ramp Fuel Board, fuel orders can only be created for the type of fuel in the truck.

Once an order has been “accepted” by the line tech, it will dynamically change on the Ramp Fuel Board so that another line tech cannot try to accept the order.  Once the fuel order has been completed, it will dynamically appear on the CSR Fuel Board for invoicing and/or payment.

When your line techs are not signed into a truck, they will view their own role-based view of the Dashboard.  The Fuel Inventory widget tells the line when its time to fill up the fuel tanks and trucks.  Making sure that your FBO is always ready for the next customer.