At MOSAIX, we believe software should not be complicated. A well-developed system should be designed in a manner that is readily understandable to the user. We design systems for highly targeted applications to be used by individuals with a fundamental knowledge of their field. We understand that it is not our job as software designers to teach our users how to do their job, but to make doing their job easier. Easier means more efficient and cost effective, with higher levels of quality, and sometimes, when we do our job really well, to extend the users very own capabilities in their field. So we guide our users through the system with a “velvet glove”; trying to be helpful but never getting in the way.

Based upon our experience, we have adopted a user-centric approach to design. Our mission is to create software that is a natural extension of the daily work flow and environment of the user. We call this workflow+ design. One of the key attributes of a well-designed system is that minimal training should be required to operate the basic functionality of the system. Training should only be required to use the more highly advanced functions of the system. Bluntly speaking, if our user has to spend a great deal of time learning how to use any of our programs, or has to modify key aspects of their job to use our systems, then we have failed in our design.

When we develop software, whether on a contract basis, or as a MOSAIX application, we begin with the end-user’s job function in mind. We develop a deep understanding of how our users perform their work requirements and more importantly what they are thinking when they perform those tasks. Our design teams are supplemented by domain experts on our management and development teams with deep industry-specific knowledge and experience.

MOSAIX possesses domain experts with decades of experience in the world of government contracts, grants management and compliance, cost accounting, government contracting and reimbursement systems, general aviation, and flight school management. Our domain experts, in addition to being experienced software developers, have hands-on, real-world experience in the industry and government sectors in which MOSAIX works.

In addition to our user-centric design approach, we have strived to continuously improve our platforms and software architectures, and build upon the expert knowledge base we have accrued over many years in each of the sectors in which we work—distilling what we have learned from many customer installations into our present generation of software solutions.