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MOSAIX has been developing and providing grants management software since 1998. The evolution of these efforts has resulted in the release of IMPACT SAPT for the management of Block Grants. IMPACT SAPT ensures that a consistent data collection methodology is maintained in order to meet the Block Grant requirements. IMPACT SAPT is part of the IMPACT Suite of Grants Management Software Services. IMPACT is extensible in that it can be configured to not only allow customers to comply with these federal reporting requirements, but also to collect additional information regarding the programs, follow a customized workflow, or provide additional reports that meet the unique needs of customers.

The IMPACT Suite is capable of supporting all of your data collection, management, and reporting needs for grantee performance management and grants management. Data can be utilized between the different suite members to plan, manage, and report within and across grants programs, agencies, or time periods. IMPACT will change the way that your agency manages its funding and shares the results of its efforts.

The IMPACT SAPT block grant system is the first in our IMPACT Suite of Grants Management Software Services. As the leader in substance abuse prevention software services, MOSAIX developed IMPACT SAPT, as the foundation of its IMPACT software suite. Other applications within the IMPACT suite include substance abuse treatment and mental health services.

Many of the fundamental functions within IMPACT are utilized across the entire organization and satisfy the data needs of most grants. Working closely with clients through the implementation process, MOSAIX staff configures IMPACT to an organization’s workflow. This configuration allows IMPACT to be used to meet the daily operational data needs of the organization. IMPACT has a large collection of standard reports. In addition, IMPACT can easily handle unanticipated information requests from organizational stakeholders. Overtime, as new grants are awarded to your organization, IMPACT can easily be modified to include additional data and reporting requirements that may arise.

Selection of IMPACT as your grants management system provides your organization with access to the MOSAIX staff, which has over ten years of experience developing data management systems. Our staff has worked with over 20 state and local agencies implementing grants management systems.