VIRTUOSO™ is a tool that provides managers with the information required to make informed decisions. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it drove the development of VIRTUOSO™.

VIRTUOSO™ was created to meet the needs of smaller companies that need more than a small company accounting system. VIRTUOSO™ is built on the company’s field-proven Comptroller System, and is a cloud based implementation of that legacy system. In use for over twenty five years, Comptroller was originally developed to support the accounting and compliance needs of small government contractors. It specifically addressed the time-consuming and labor intensive accounting and related administrative tasks associated with the management of cost based government contract work. Over the years Comptroller’s capabilities were expanded in order to satisfy needs in varied industries including small manufacturers, commercial business service providers, and non-construction contractors. In these companies Comptroller was tasked with assisting management with controlling costs and improving bottom lines, therefore becoming a true management information system.

Today, VIRTUOSO™ is a very capable management system that can help your organization control costs and maximize profitability. It is a “best-in-breed” solution built upon the company’s expert systems based design philosophy.


Some of the capabilities that distinguish VIRTUOSO™ from typical accounting systems include the ability to:

  • Readily configurable to the cost-accounting and government reporting requirements of both manufacturers and service providers

  • An integrated financial and management/cost accounting system

  • Provides a solid foundation from which users can perform the many traditional financial accounting tasks, such as: accounts receivable management, accounts payable management, payroll and labor management, general ledger maintenance, and financial reporting

  • Adds a management/cost accounting layer that allows the user to manage individual jobs and/or processes

  • Brings high-end system overhead management capabilities to the small business user

VIRTUOSO™ uses the information collected to provide an extensive set of management reports required by managers to measure the performance of product lines, projects, programs, departments, and divisions. VIRTUOSO™ contains approximately 100 standard reports. A small sample includes:

  • Job and Activity Cost Reports

  • Overhead Cost Pool Reports

  • Job Class Reports

  • Labor Detail Reports

  • Departmental Labor Reports

  • Composite Rate Analysis

  • Traditional Accounts Receivable and Payable Reports

  • Credit Management Reports

  • Order Management Reports

This list is only a very small representation of VIRTUOSO’s unique capabilities. VIRTUOSO™ is truly a new concept in accounting.

VIRTUOSO™ has addressed the cost issue by providing the MOSAIX Expert Assistant (“MEA”).  MEA helps you reduce staff costs, by running behind the scenes to help your user enter the information required at the right time.  MEA becomes your company’s “specialized staff”. It extends your current staff’s capabilities into the areas typically managed by accountants who specialize in cost or government contract accounting.  MEA allows you to utilize typical accounting clerks to collect management and cost accounting data in areas such as: issuing purchase orders, recoding vendor invoices, taking customer orders, and issuing invoices to customers.  MEA can also help with many other typical accounting tasks.