Entire AVMAN FBO Series Certified with Shell Aviation

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, November 13, 2017-MOSAIX Software, Inc. has now integrated its AVMAN systems with the Shell Aviation’s credit card gateway.  “We are excited to now be able to offer our AVMAN® FBO Series of products to all Shell FBOs,” said Jennifer Rouse, Vice President of Client Services, MOSAIX Software, Inc.  “With this new integration, MOSAIX is now expanding its offerings to include a “POS only” version of AVMAN.  This AVMAN POS includes everything that your FBO needs to manage reservations, sell your FBO services and products, process, and settle credit cards.  It’s easy to use and requires minimal training.  We can support Shell Contract Fuel, Shell Credit Card Processing, and the Shell Buyback Program.”

The AVMAN® FBO Series features a lineup that starts with the AVMAN POS system, provides additional features including Hangar Management and a tablet-based Ramp Fuel Board in the AVMAN POS+ system, and culminates with its fully integrated ERP solution AVMAN ERP.

“With this expanded new offering, MOSAIX can handle the operational needs of any FBO.”

About MOSAIX Software, Inc.

MOSAIX Software, Inc., based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides cloud based, data collection and management systems to business and government. MOSAIX has leveraged its long history of providing advanced accounting systems to business and grants management systems to government, in its two primary products AVMAN® and IMPACT™. Released in 2016, AVMAN® for Flight Schools, provides integrated capabilities for scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, credit card processing, pilot and aircraft management, with its accounting system. In 2017, MOSAIX released AVMAN® – FBO SERIES, to provide FBOs with a fully integrated solution to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve customer service. AVMAN’s automation of business processes in fuel sales, hangar rentals, and other services provided by typical FBOs helps to reduce errors, improve safety, and lower overhead costs.

To learn more information about MOSAIX Software visit mosaixsoftware.com


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