Announcing NEW FREE AVMAN Central Marketplace App

PITTSBURGH – September 1, 2021 –MOSAIX Software, Inc. announced the release of its AVMAN Central Marketplace (AVMAN Central). AVMAN Central is available as both a mobile and desktop app where customers can easily place on-line orders with an FBO of their choice. AVMAN Central is available for use at the more than 100 FBO locations currently using any one of the AVMAN Family of Products. “There are no fees to either the user or the AVMAN FBO for making reservations or purchasing fuel on AVMAN Central, it is a totally free app”, said David Castaldo, MOSAIX’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

AVMAN Central is MOSAIX’s latest offering in keeping with its customer-focused theme. “We’ve always emphasized the importance of customer information. AVMAN is still the only FBO solution that includes a fully integrated CRM system. Central not only provides our customers with a convenient tool for receiving online orders, but it also allows them to systematically reach out and expand their customer base.” said Jennifer Rouse, MOSAIX’s Vice President of Client Services. AVMAN Central offers many benefits to both FBOs running AVMAN as well as their customers. These
AVMAN Central users (schedulers, dispatchers, and pilots) can easily search for an FBO near a city or at a specific airport. They may also click on a saved link or even a QR code to directly access the FBOs AVMAN page and place an order. AVMAN allows FBOs to showcase the fuel contracts, reward programs, and services offered by their FBO as well as their current fuel prices right in the user’s search results. AVMAN Central users can schedule arrivals and departures, pay with a credit card on file in the repository, and receive confirmation of all reservations and orders at any AVMAN FBO they choose. John Girzadas, President of B. Coleman Aviation, LLC said “We have been happily using AVMAN for several years and are excited about the ability of our customers to have immediate access to our reservation system anytime, anywhere.”

A special feature of AVMAN Central is Tailored Pricing. Tailored pricing allows AVMAN Central users to subscribe directly to one or more FBO’s special pricing offers. FBOs can then assign special pricing offers to those customers requesting pricing either for a short period, such as one day, or even for a long period of time. With Tailored Pricing, FBOs can provide real-time pricing offers in response to customer requests.

FBOs will enjoy a more efficient reservations and ordering process. Orders placed on-line are immediately available for the CSR to respond to and schedule. On-line orders save time and eliminate errors since the CSR does not need to re-enter order data. Secure online payment from customers saves time on the ramp and customers will be alerted on their device when their aircraft is fueled or hangered.

“Given the current environment, the importance of putting a tool like AVMAN Central in the hands of both AVMAN Central users and our FBOs is a game changer. For schedulers, dispatchers, and pilots looking for the best fuel deals, AVMAN Central brings real-time pricing and on-line ordering to our industry. We are currently working with other firms in providing bi-directional access for third-party systems to AVMAN Central through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). You can expect to see much more from both MOSAIX and our partners in the coming months.” according to Castaldo.

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