AVMAN for Flight Schools

    The AVMAN for Flight Schools offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions designed to simplify and streamline the many operational, administrative, and oversight tasks associated with the efficient management of their operations. AVMAN is ideal for aviation organizations faced with the many data management and administrative challenges of operating a successful and efficient


MOSAIX was created in 2014 as the result of the acquisition and merger of Cherry Lane Software Inc. and KIT Solutions, LLC. Both of these companies have been producing products and services for their customers for over fifteen years. The result of this effort is a stronger, more competitive and efficient provider of service-based (SaaS)

MOSAIX acquires EasyFBO

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, May 16, 2017-MOSAIX Software, Inc. today announced it has acquired the assets of EasyFBO, LLC. EasyFBO, LLC. is a producer of fuel management software for the FBO market. The EASYFBO product automated the fuel sales workflow process and addressed issues FBOs face regarding communication, safety, and efficiency. “MOSAIX Software will integrate the technology